Queen G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Kindness

Mom of Kindness is Quad Grand Champion Expresivepixie Miss Montana. Montana’s dad is Lifetime Achievement Supreme Grand Champion Butch Cassidy. Dad is my beloved foundation stud G bar G Ranch Doc Holiday. Doc’s dad was Supreme Grand Champion Stage One Bob Younder. Kindness is outgoing, beautiful, loves lots of attention and a excellent mother. She has amazing lynx tips that I wish I had on all my Pixie bobs. She has a lovely spotted pattern, warm gold and rufus tones and very bobcatty face. She also has a stunningly perfect Pixie bob face, strong muzzle, great chin/muzzle, flat topline to her eyes. Her kittens have her outgoing nature and loving personality. She is so like her mom QGC Expresive Miss Montana. Very loving, out going, sweet nature, very brave, always ready to take on the world.

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