Queen G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Scarlet OHara

G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Scarlet OHara’s mom is my beloved foundation cat Champion G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Dream. Dream is a daughter of Quad Grand Champion Expresivepixie Miss Montana, her father was Lifetime Achievement Supreme Grand Champion Butch Cassidy. Dream’s dad was my beloved foundation cat G bar G Ranch Doc Holiday, his father was Supreme Grand Champion Stage One Bob Younder. Dream was a Big girl, she had Very correct face Pixie bob face, rangy body like a bobcat, lovely spot pattern, warm golden tones, perfect hooded eyes, lynx tips, excellent show tail and the size to compete with the stud cats. I showed her as a kitten with 3 other female kittens, she took many finals and proved to be the Best of the 4 kittens I was showing at the time. Dream was an excellent mom and raise many amazing Pixie bob kittens for me. She had her mom’s QGC Expresivepixie Miss Montana out going nature, love of chasing her toys, sweet nature and was an excellent companion to me.

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