Stud G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Wooly Chaps

Wooly Chaps got his name from having lots of puffy long hair when he was born. Wooly Chaps are used in the winter to help keep your legs warmer, when riding the range in the snow. Also good when you are riding in bushy areas and don’t want your legs cut up. His dad is my beloved foundation stud Quad Grand Champion Golden Warrior. Mom is my foundation queen G bar G Ranch Romance Dreamer. Wooly Chaps has those long legs and rangy build of the coastal red bocat. He also has beauitful, correct eye shape, strong muzzle, proper set ears and good strong bone. His pattern is lovely, he has gold and rufus tones not seen often in long hair Pixie bobs. His temperament is much like his dad’s QGC Golden Warrior, so is his voice. He is sweet, begs for extra rubdowns, gentle with kittens even if they are not his.

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