Stud G bar G Ranch Docs Night Hawk

Night Hawk’s dad is my beloved foundation stud G bar G Ranch Doc Holiday. Doc Holiday’s dad is Supreme Grand Champion Stage One Bob Younder. Night Hawk’s mom is Champion G bar G Ranch Cowgirl Romance. Night Hawk is very athletic and has a soft sweet nature. As a kitten he followed me everywhere and demanded extra attention. He has a beautiful and correct to Pixie bob standard face, much like his dad Doc Holiday. I love his long legs and rangy build like a bobcat. He was shown as a kitten at a big show in Washington. He took several finals and I was very pleased, as there were a number of Pixie bob kittens showing. However, showing was a bit hard on him with the noise of the loud speakers, people rushing around, cats everywhere bigger than him. I decided to retire him to stud.

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