Stud G Bar G Ranch Ricochet

G bar G Ranch Ricochet is full brother to G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Wooly Chaps. Only 1 yr younger than Wool Chaps. He was sold to a wonderful man, but sadly he passed away. So Ricochet came back to me, he is now the G bar G Ranch Mascot. He looks so much like his dad Quad Grand Champion Golden Warrior and has the exact voice of dad. Both of these boys just steal my heart……. I still so miss QGC Golden Warrior. Golden Warrior had many, many finals against the other cat breeds. His kittens were always outstanding. You could have him in the house all night on the couch getting belly rubs and lots of petting, he purred all night. You could run him with the girls and kittens that were not his, he was always very gentle with kittens and ladies. Very mellow temperment for a breeding stud cat. Richchet looks so much like dad is it is amazing. As Ricochet is a Mascot, so of course he is neutered. He won several finals against the other breeds of cats, as a kitten. Ricochet has his dad’s loving and cuddling ways.

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